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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PST

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of the holiday moratorium requirements we had an opportunity to work with the union square bit improvement district thank you and opened up stockton street for padded plaza in the history of the city this photograph was taken on day one of the opening day before that's why that was amazing just removing the ribbon and people lloyd it was a warm sunny day but people were laying down sun bathing and enjoying the befshz that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions you might have. >> any board members. >> as the white zone at the palms that's once the project is
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done that's going to be replaced how temporary is that location. >> i have a photograph - so this is the rendering of the fourth and brandon station the palms is the building in the back here so as a result of putting surface light rail on the center the fourth street we're essentially taking two lanes of twaf converting into a 2-way street the palms was permanently removed and converting that parking lane into a northbound lane on fourth street as a result, the palms will probably
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be permanently loss the white parking on fourth street but have an opportunity to if they so desire to choose a white zone on free lawn street. >> great borne. >> a lot of people love that open space shutting down the street any thousand has that happened i know that people want to open that up but now that people are used to not going down way. >> that's not part of what was approved (laughter) but the planning commission or anyone else in terms of the permanent project but as you say obviously people have gotten used to this this will you been that way for years to come this plaza may well wet the petite
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for folk and beg the question when the project is done at the end of 2018 should we put it back the way it was we currently have no plans to do anything different but certainly be watching and evaluating this winter the experience of working with the union square business improvement district to capture feedback should we want to go in that direction we would initiate a planning process for that. >> i'll agree with you director borden and it's funny congratulations i've been by there and the level of use of that after is amazing it's gorgeous those sidewalks are over capacity this will be a great overflow and what a great thank you to the merchant for all the disruption we put them through the noise and
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scaffolding to be able to do this and make this incredibly welcome face i agree this is to wet the people appetites. >> thank you just two more items one the long waited double birthing what is a feature by which we'll have to trains or two groups of trains stop at the platform and unload and board passengers those who travel in the a.m. rush to montgomery station some from the embarcadero we're in a situation you're at our designation yet the doors don't open to get off until the train in front of the
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of clear the platform so worse than the train gets safely to the platform for people to get in and out this saturday we'll be doing a live demo of the same you puc and we have only 23 folks to do the enforcement of t nc i'll mental illness that is stating enforcement unit be not only for the t nc but for other functions they regulate many thousands of lemon months and many things so that 23 number is smaller than you think, however, the enforcement of regulation as a rail provider is much more rochet so we'll be demoing this for them we do want their sign
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off and hoping if we get their approval to be able to start this in revenue services on december 13th assuming we get to that point this will be a permanent feature it will allow passengers to get off whether in the second position the train will go to the first position once the train gives them we've we'll have ambassadors out there to make sure to explain to people and direct to people and signage and banners to direct people and have flyers and use other outreach such the lab and social media novelist other stakeholders such as the board of supervisors as well. it's small and a but significant change for people who we were
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frustratingly looking at the platform we don't let them disembark and finally to the director brinkmans earlier request we'll be bringing a competitive report update open vision zero to the board in february but just to i guess wet our appetite a little bit there's been so much work by our staff and folks from across the city agencies just to a reminder that vision zero was a policy and goal to eliminate traffic deaths in san francisco by 2024 so adapting vision zero you were the first city body to do so and before the police commission and board of supervisors and environment commission you were i you were the first to adapt vision zero to have a better and
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satisfactory street to increase the enforcement of the laws and the elective initiatives to save lives to create a cultural in the city where workers and visitors and everyone pirate intents traffic safety and what their identity in but public right of ways and it dovetails nicely with our strategic plan with our top goal of making the streets safe and choices available to everybody in san francisco we've been working since you've adapted it last february with a number of city agencies to develop a cooperated strategy around the use of engineering and enforcement and education in this short time we've expedited two street improvements which you directed
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us to complete in 24 months we've got 9 complete already and up to 11 by the first quarter of 2015 adding mission and silver and turn pockets later this month and sutter street from mason early in 2015 we've developed do state street education campaign focused on driver behavior and pedestrian safety and working on citywide transparency and getting this much more in the for off the public so we've completed a branding for vision zero we'll show you and you'll see soon working with public works to develop a public works dashboard so the members of the public can see what progress we're making
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and at your suggestion ma'am, vice chair we'll be reporting to the board the transportation authority has a committee next week and giving them an update trying to bring as much of the public both to continue to raise and keep awareness raised and finally what we're really aiming for is to turn the corner in viewing vision zero as an ambition but unchufbl goal someone in our community really building is chufbl we're starting to work on education particularly the jerry really starting to internal lists this is chushl we don't have to continue to see people die in our streets more people are
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getting hit by cars than shot by guns it is something we shouldn't be accepting so we'll bring you more depth open february 3rd but materials come out between now and then we'll make sure to share them with the board and that that concludes my report. >> members of the public who wish to address the director's report. >> all right. we'll start with herbert weiner and others those are to address matters raised during the director's report >> good afternoon, sir. >> herb better with a question of the vision zero now i can understand the concern about pedestrians being struck by vehicles in the intersection but there's also a danger on the
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sidewalks two which bicyclists ride their bicycles on the sidewalks don't walk them and pedestrians are struck by bicycles i want to see as part of the stauvenlgz not only sides by cars but bicyclists if no accidents the bicyclists have nothing to worry about if you want to protect the pedestrians protect them and remember no pedestrian every ran over a bicyclists thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon mr. grace. >> hello, everyone i'm jerry grace i live in the city question i wanted to ask about the subway you will get open i
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want to know how much longer you will go under the tunnel are you working on the subway down to mission and i'm not sure the subway going towards that way i notice that you've been working on that a long, long time thought to chinatown now i saw you that day down here union square and i saw the people down there in union square now i saw it is more closer to market street i wonder when how much longer than on mission or the tunnel or be on market that's what i want to know what's the
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answer on that. >> first of all, talk to mr. funky that's him there. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon drol and directors i want to applaud you for hiring the presentation about the central subway project my concern is about the contractor breaking the rules in a way to report the lousy traffic control people there are inefficiency and incompetent early one morning they were using a concrete truck in the middle of stockton and geary going westbound i was the first one in line they wouldn't
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tell me how much time they could have had someone on grant that would be a while and go arena bet they finished there was 20 cars backed up that was 3 in the morning we shouldn't be substantive someone should allow us to turn around or give us direction this is constant everywhere it is okay to have a transit on stockton it looks at pretty to have more pedestrians and open space it adds two to $3 to the trip to geary a powell and ellis and fourth street it could dissuade people from taking taxis the virtual sign is
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good to a certainly stent better information when you go down fourth street a major street to the free anymore information further up the line before you hit the traffic and get stuck and better traffic control by himself when this stiff happens that's all i ask for accountability from the >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names) those are for items it discussed by director reiskin and good afternoon decorators i want to applaud the start of the double bill of rights of the metacarpals this is a small first step you're dealing with the feeling of people that are detailed by people getting through their normal place to un0 load when you have had cars in the tunnel similar to a 4 car train you shouldn't have to stop
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at one side of the station you need a signal that one day we're not stopping here but further in the station so everyone wants to get on the k is there and so you really have the efficiency of a 4 car train that helps to reduce the upcoming problem were going a urge you to have with subway cars when it gets down to less than a minute and a half i have details that's what you're seeing even with more than a minute of details you have to increase the service on the metmora cars e.r. trains reduce the head was so this step would be almost as good as having less cars and less trains in the subways a three or four car
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train and stopping twice at a station is not doing it right. i hope there's going to be a way to signal to people no. you don't board here you're going to board over there you have plenty of time people can walk the length of the station in 20 or 30 seconds this will effect and improve your efficiency overall >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon mr. nolan i've been living here 27 years and cab driver i see the change and everything some of the project was good if you put t line money in 1998 and 97 t line i know
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that wasting the line big he concrete nobody use it or originally car you have thes on t line because of many years ago not like you but more brains to do our job and anyone want to do it by it happens by the nature of our eye vision we can't look like animal sometimes they have a 3 hundred and 60 degrees like 19th avenue you remember the double presidio and golden gate bridge but it sometimes happens because of the nature so we have a new system like the 3 lengths on the avenue you come in from the south to go north you don't
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see people their speeding they're trying to go home you can make a lane lake yellow or green you can have head of the time so when i drive it on 19th past san diego and everything when i look at the site is yellow that mean i have to stop soon you slow down this is a new kind of human being system recycle we have a system like the radar you can design it very important you don't let the people block you have to have a square box and the last person open the director's report. >> good afternoon. >> hi classroom north korean and the rest of the people on board i live in south of market
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recently at the corner of 9th and fulsome street there were some improvements for the handicap ramps i'm disabled sometimes, i have to use a cart to take objects that weigh a lot with me and i bring my service animal and i don't know who was responsible for the paving over the intersection in the area where there was some concrete or some pavement removed they were not inspected because we have a lot of people that live in my low income building that use canes and are seniors and people with whooerz the new pavement the new pavement is so wavy as a person not walking with a cane or walker it is so wavy i have
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difficulty in keeping my balance if someone were impaired in age or ability they would have a difficult time crossing the corner ways of the poor quality of the pavement it is not smooth it is completely wavy and dangerous additionally i'd like to say that a corner that is desperately needing a handicap ramp of quality is at corner of 9th and mission it is a very heavily traveled streets interests an excellent handicap ramp on the corner of 11th and fulsome that handles the entire chiropractor to people can go in both directions by near the out bound site it is horrible. >> the first address you're referring to. >> the waiver i didn't prachlt
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pavement at 9th and fulsome on the corner next to the ccii suburb shall bar. >> this is the last person that wishes to address the boards on the matters. >> good morning, everyone. >> madeline for pong o polk i represent the folks for polk on the vision zero task force regarding that north the services i want to point out several things quarterly reports that was one of the suggestion in the task force and also that there is professional driver education is very important because sometimes, the grumpyness that was referred to
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traffic lights into real road rage i've experienced that at least once a week whether a pedestrian or cyclist it has happened whether a pedestrian or cyclist i get shouted out at the window at, in one case somebody making reference to my becoming a hood ornament so this grumpyness is how the culture has to change and the professional drivers i'm sure is only a minority of them and whatever guys if you're not in a vehicle i'm happy the education b will be happening i'd like all the professional drivers here in this room to take note that this is an important factor too for
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public prospective as well. >> thank you that concludes public comment on the directors report. >> actually. >> are you talking about the directors okay come forward please. >> good afternoon marx well former transit operator i want to talk about a couple of things that were mentioned in the executive report first one the doubt i double bill of rights that's not going to be savvy used to be an l r v operator on a two car train when our operating a two car train the first car might not on the platform in the inspection the second is in the tunnel because of the way the target point is set up they changed the rules of the project that they had in
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place now we used to wait at the port of entry when two car in come placed a couple of those cars together and adjusted the target point for all 4 cars to be on the platform at the same time that neeltsdz to be implemented in this project two the i want to talk about the whistle blower that exposed the corruption i commend her i was a whistle blower myself look at both of us we're no longer here we exposed the corruption of sfmta 3 about the central subway
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ambassador that anti report was done by a mutual friend of the staff that was here they are not going to give an accurate report i think one needs to be done by the f m articulation. >> that's concludes the public comment okay. >> the search-and-seizure council report our chairman is not here of the cac and item 9 to constitute a consent calendar, are considered are considered to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission, there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests, in which event the matter shall as a separate item at this or a
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future hearing. (calling names). >> herbert weaning politics is the art of kcmo people now i advocate free fair for citizens and the disabled not done at the extension of having the citizens and disabled walk a quarter of a mile to the bus stop a lousy compromises and no one should sign on to it including the members of the board or mta administrator it if make sense to have free bus fair and crawl to the bus stop a quarter of a mile away that's not really what we want free bus fair yes for citizens none of the this walking a quarter of a mile paratransit will not
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compensate to take a paratransit bus to go a quarter of a mile no. you have a workable plan with the transportation system of people that can came back the bus to where we want to go this is rapidly adopting base bus routes are disappearing from the neighborhood no one should support >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> sir. >> can i get the screen please so the public can see this leaflet. >> i had the opportunity to go to washington, d.c. and met with
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5 congressman their displeased with the way the mta is being ran and displeased with how workplace bullying takes place in the public government agency package of prop a relies open trickery shell will cut it you tricked those voters into passing prop a when you already solid bonds in the system and i already received federal money, federal grants they have grant programs to do do same thing you're asking the citizens of san francisco to kick in for this is criminal this is corrupt this agency n


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